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Testimonial Highlights

Posted by Neil September 12, 2018

Change of Custody

"Mr. Conley made a thorough examination of my case. He made sure that every intricate detail was addressed before moving forward. We both knew court may be somewhat of a dog fight as I was working to obtain custody from the mother, custodial parent. We moved forward using hard facts in a calm, cool, and collective manner. At the end of the day I was awarded full physical custody of my son. The second best day of my life! The first was him being born of course.  This gentleman is hands on and priced accordingly to the job he is going to perform for his clients. I have recommended him to several of my colleagues, and have no issues calling him if needed in the future."


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Posted by Gage November 9, 2016

Great, easy to work with, and does the job right

"I was recently ticketed for the first time although it was three tickets in one. It was also the first run in with the law ever.  I spoke with Brian about my issue. He told me his plan of attack, my options, a price, opportunity's, best case/worst case scenarios and calmed me down about my situation. After my meeting with Brian I accepted he kept me up to date with my case informed on all situations and actions made. Answered any and all questions i had during the time. He got me into a pretrial diversion program which I will be attending soon which will clear my name and help me for future employment and keep me clean. I would definitely recommend him."

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